Brotherly Love! Puppy seeks help for his sick sister, begs rescuer to follow, showing loyalty and compassion.

Raising animals is not an easy thing, as you have to take care of them just like kids, but this dogs’ owner abandoned his dogs instead of taking them for treatment. The dogs, that are still so young, were dumped to fend for themselves in an agricultural water!

The poor puppies thought when they heard noise that their parent coming to take them. They started excitedly perking up, but just to be disappointed! They would comfort each other with kisses and snuggles!

Eventually, a very kind man heard about them and decided to help them. As he did not have enough money, he brought some water and food for them. As he could not afford take them to the veterinarian, he contacted an animal rescue group.

Thankfully, the rescuers were able to reach the 2 young pups, whose healthy conditions were so bad! When they took one of them, the other one ran off, and then stopped and looked at them, she was asking them to follow her.

When they followed her, she led them to her other sibling, who’d died because of the cold weather, and hunger. Heartbreakingly, the surviving still did know that her sister was dead and tried wake her up!

Fortunately, the two puppies were taken the medical center, where they’re tested for diseases. They found out that the dogs have Demodex mange, which’s treatable. They were then taken to a foster home, where they stayed many months there being treated. Thankfully, they were both adopted to the same family as they are completely healed. How lucky!

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