A cat was left at a shelter due to being excessively clingy, but eventually found a family that gave them love and a lap to sit on, reflecting the feline’s need for companionship and affection.

Jacque is, and always has been, a typical Velcro-kitten.

Jacque loves to cuddle and wants nothing more than to snuggle up in the warm lap of someone he loves.

For many of us, having an incredibly affectionate kitty shower us in love sounds like a dream, but unfortunately, Jacque’s family did not feel the same.

When he was three years old, Jacque was surrendered to the Michigan Cat Rescue shelter because his owner had grown tired of his affectionate nature.

Jacque’s owner indicated that she was sick of Jacque asking for attention and begging to be cuddled.

She had no desire to give him the affection he craved and instead chose to give him up.

Jacque was sad and confused about suddenly losing his family and his home, but he made the best of his new situation and quickly wooed everyone at the rescue center.

Nobody could resist Jacque’s sweet nature and cosy cuddles.

The Michigan Cat Rescue staff knew that they had o find Jacque the perfect home.

He deserved a family who genuinely loved him and would find his behaviour sweet rather than clingy.

They knew that there are tons of people in the world with enough sense to appreciate a little “lap cat” who would cherish the opportunity to have someone as sweet and cuddly as Jacque in their lives.

To help Jacque find his perfect family, the shelter shared a picture of on Facebook and revealed the unfair reason why he’d been rejected by his last family.

Unsurprisingly, thousands of people liked or commented on Jacques post and everyone hoped he would find his happily ever after.

But while Jacque stole thousands of hearts, only one family was lucky enough be granted the honour of adopting him.

After seeing Jacque online, Liz knew Jacque was meant to be a part of her family and just a few weeks after applying, she and her family received the joyous news that Jacque would be joining their happy little home.

When Jacque met his new family for the first time, he instantly seemed to know that he belonged with them. He cuddled up to his new daddy and radiated love and happiness.

And his new family were more than happy to reciprocate his love and give him all the cuddles he craved.

Now, Jacque is happily living with his new mommy Liz and the rest of his amazing new family.

He’s finally loved for the cuddly cat that he is, and he never has to be ashamed for wanting love and attention

“He is a great cat who needed the right home and a second chance,” a member of Michigan Cat Rescue told Love Meow.

Jacque never has to feel like a burden or feel too clingy ever again.

Liz loves when he curls up in her lap and the whole family loves to spoil him and make him happy.

Jacque has finally found his perfect home and his life will be filled with love and snuggles forevermore.

Source: justsomething.co


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